Start-Up Awards

The Start-Up Award 2023 honors young, innovative companies that offer smart solutions for the energy industry. Your company must have been on the market for no longer than 5 years (founded in 2018). From all applications received, 5 companies will be nominated and will be allowed to present their ideas to the Stadtwerke audience on April 26, 2023 during the conference.

Stadtwerke 2023

April 25 + 26, 2023 Hybrid Edition

Crisis as an opportunity: emerging from the crisis with real customer benefits
Transformation, digitization, decarbonization - these buzzwords have been driving the energy industry for several years now, but operational implementation is still lacking.

The pandemic has given the topics a new boost and is now forcing everyone to finally tackle them in a practical way. How can transformation be brought to life? What has changed Corona? What other framework conditions complicate/facilitate change? Where can municipal utilities contribute to decarbonization? How can money continue to be earned in the core business and which services belong in the portfolio of a municipal utility? What does the future-oriented municipal utility look like?
Now we have to tackle numerous challenges to ensure the future viability of municipal utilities and their shareholders, the city and the municipality.

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Join and apply until 02/24/2023 - 23:59!

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Silke Nienhausen
Handelsblatt GmbH
Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Düsseldorf

Evaluation catalog and outline of your application

classification: Generation, grid, distribution, trading, storage, platform, other
The Problem
The Solution
Business Model
Unique Selling Proposition
Added value for municipal utilities

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